No reply regarding delivery method or any form ...

25/10/2019 15:16

No reply regarding delivery method or any form of tracking

I have message and emailed and had no response regarding my order
Guest 11/12/2019 12:56


I placed an order on your site last week but I didn't get an email confirmation regarding my order. I have checked my account and the money has already been taken out. I tried to use the "Contact Us" section but there is no phone numbers or email addresses and when I enter my email address to log in it says that the account is deactivated. I haven't received an email to register my email address or a confirmation about the order.
Am I actually getting a confirmation or a delivery at some point? Please provide a contact email address or phone number to sort this out.
My email address is Please note that I intend to take this further if I don't hear back from you within a week.

Many thanks,