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£2.00. Made From Tinted Glass, Decorated with a Metal Butterfly and Rope Detailing, Measures 5CMx8CM.
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£1.99 each.  Water Zoom accessories pack contains Brush and Soap dispensor for Water Zoom jet washer

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£7.50 each.  AquaGrazz Hydro Grass Revolutionary Seeding System Hydroseeding Just Spray. Would you like to have a beautiful lawn but you have dry patches, pet stains, high traffic zones, shade spots or poor irrigation? Get the Aquagrazz! Now grass will grow where you spray it, because if you can water your lawn, you can seed it!A revolutionary seeding systemIn traditional seeding, seeds are washed away by the water, blown by the wind, or they end up eaten by the birds. And you never know exactly where you’ve seeded! With Aquagrazz, this is history, because its green mousse formula allows you to see where you’re seeding.Totally natural Aquagrazz and its effective hydroseeding system mixes seeds with natural fertilizers and conditioners, attaching the seeds to the soil and its conditioner softens the ground so it can absorb water. All in one step. It’s perfect to refill dry patches, pet stains, high traffic zones or deserted areas.

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£7.99 each or 2 for £15. The Mega Hose provides gentle and versatile watering pressure for gardens, flowerbeds and lawns. Great for cleaning terraces, cars, windows and much more. The revolutionary self propelling expanding hose automatically expands when water is on and contracts when water is turned off. Just turn on the water and it grows up to 3 times its length! Ultra lightweight, never kinks, never binds and never tangles. Super strong, durable and easy to store.

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£0.99 each. For use with the Aquagrazz hydro system. Includes: 1x Seeds (250g), 1x Sticking liquid formula (60ml) & 1x Instruction sheet

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