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25/03/2020 00:16

Can't believe what im reading

I've bought from Clearance XL 4 times to date and haven't been let down as yet - I really cant believe what im reading in this forum, With what is going on around the globe ATM late deliveries should be the least of your worries people - Stop whinging and keep yourself's Safe.
Miss Cassandra 30/03/2020 14:20

I agree to a degree but some people can't leave their homes, aren't able to order from traditional stores due to no availability and so the stuff they order online can be a lifeline. Every company is having massive issues with stock and logistics with many even having to stop deliveries altogether. I think people just want a little information as to how long they may have to wait as there isn't anything on the homepage to indicate delays or cancellations.
Mrs I Preston 31/03/2020 12:44

Guess you work for clearance xl, you seem to be on there such a lot. Tell them get their finger out, delivery one to five days, money taken immediately, no confirmation, no orders delivered, everyone except the owner seems to be out of pocket. If you can't fulfill orders CANCEL them and return the money, at least be fair to everyone, if you're shut then just say so, no one will blame you, but at the moment it just looks like you are taking advantage and ripping people off, and if this rant gets my order cancelled and a refund issued fair enough, shows people the way to go.
FranCee 31/03/2020 18:13

Nope don't work for them - Been using the company as times are hard at the moment with our big family - How do you not know that maybe they've gone down with corona-virus - Have a heart
Guest 01/04/2020 19:54

Seems like someone listened and have put a nice big notice on the front page, better than trying to update everyone individually, and I do appreciate that these are unprecedented times and health and safety comes first.
James Corrigan 02/04/2020 10:25

I'm wholly understanding of the situation personally, it's no wonder with the pandemic going on so it's very understandable that things would be slow. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's been waiting but while I feel safety of their work staff and customers should always come first, I do feel the statement on the home page should have been made much, much sooner to clue people in on what's going on.
Tim 03/04/2020 10:33

My first order placed on 19th March has arrived today, 3rd April. I am completely understanding of the challenge companies are facing and very grateful to have received my order. I am blown away by the quantity for the price. I paid £31 including shipping and the box was too heavy for me to lift from the doorstep!
These items will certainly boost our food storage and please my kids as I bought treats for them as well.
Thanks Clearance XL. I will buy again in the future when life is back to normal. Highly recommended. I have bought from Star Bargains, Approved foods and Clearance. I am leaning towards Clearance XL as my new favourite.