Order 4255

05/03/2014 22:36

Order 4255


I was wondering if you could advise when this order is likely to arrive? I checked my email folders in case I missed any messages but the last one is the order confirmation.

Administrator 06/03/2014 13:39

Hi Miss Pickersgill. Your order has been put to one side because you have selected the wrong postage option for you. Postage to Northern Island is £9.99 and not the UK mainland rate of £5.99 which you have selected. Would you like to proceed with the order and pay the delivery difference or would you like to cancel your order? Let me know asap. Regards.
Fiona Pickersgill 06/03/2014 22:24

My apologies - didn't even look at the postage bit! Can you just add the additional onto the order? Thanks.
Administrator 12/03/2014 14:54

Hi Fiona, you will need to pay the additional costs separately. Please could you email through to customer services regarding this order. Regards.
Fiona Pickersgill 15/03/2014 21:33

Please just refund the money in that case and I'll order elsewhere. It's not worth the hassle. Thanks
Fiona Pickersgill 25/03/2014 21:37

Could you please confirm when you will refund my money? I asked for it ten days ago and I've checked my bank account. It definitely hasn't been refunded yet.
Fiona Pickersgill 26/03/2014 21:48

Could you please refund my money?
Fiona Pickersgill
Administrator 10/04/2014 12:35

Hi Fiona, could you confirm whether or not you have received the refund for this order? Regards
Fiona Pickersgill 05/05/2014 21:21

Almost a month after I (repeatedly) asked for it, you refunded the money. That is an APPALLING level of customer service and you should be ashamed. You should also be paying me interest for what was, effectively, a loan. It's no surprise that this forum is full of irate customers who haven't received their goods. I will be contacting Trading Standards.
Administrator 12/07/2015 16:16

This has been resolved. Regards, Paul