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05/02/2014 11:30

Order has been rejected?

I received a confirmation of my order, and now an email saying my order has been rejected, but I have paid regardless. I have tried calling and emailing, but haven't yet received a reply.
What on earth is going on, what does my order being rejected mean? As I have paid I expect to receive all of my items, and would like a thorough explanation as to why that is not the case.
Administrator 05/02/2014 15:53

Hi Charlotte. Without knowing the details of your order exactly I cannot be precise. However, orders get rejected when they fail security checks. Any money paid is refunded and order cancelled. Please check your details are correct and accurate and try to order again. Regards, Admin
Guest 06/02/2014 08:14

What security checks? I know all of my details were accurate, I use an autofill function from my computer address book, and then double check them. Order no. was 4089, and I was relying on receiving those products to feed my family, which I apparently will not receive through no fault of my own.
What on earth is going on that I've had to contact you via three different channels to receive a reply, and that my legitimate order was rejected without a whiff of an explanation? Why does the rejection email state that the order was paid and then closed?

Administrator 07/02/2014 15:44

Hi Charlotte, like i said you order was rejected over security issues on your account.

We have only received contact from you via this forum. I have searched our email inbox and have not found any inquiries from you regarding this order.

Around 98% of all orders received are accepted and pass security checks without any issues. Yours unfortunately did not, Your account has not been suspended so you are free to try and order again.