Marriage A Duet Anne Taylor Fleming Book RRP £6.99 CLEARANCE XL £0.49

Marriage A Duet Anne Taylor Fleming Book RRP £6.99 CLEARANCE XL £0.49

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. "Anyone contemplating marriage, deep into it, or bailing out should read and re-read this book" Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes.

Caroline Bett's husband is ina coma and she sits dutifully in the hospital day after day, waiting for her grown-up children to visit him, she is secretly thinking of the affair her husband had and how, through the lies and betrayals, she has dicovered her own strength. David Sanderson agrees reluctantly to go to councselling because he can't cope with the knowledge that his wife has cheated on him. For marriage that started off with such happiness and optimism, it seems to have fallen apart all too easily. These are two stories of love and emotion, of trust and infidelity, and of marriage- it's changes and the forces that hold it together. Fleming's powerful and captive stories of spouses in crisis challenge the ways we look at marriages today.

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