Wring-O-Mop Shammy Mop TWIST - POP - MOP RRP £19.99 CLEARANCE XL £5.99


Wring-O-Mop Shammy Mop TWIST - POP - MOP RRP £19.99 CLEARANCE XL £5.99

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RRP £19.99
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£5.99 each
Wring-O-Mop wrings out with just a twist and makes cleaning easier than ever. 
It can be used both wet and dry for mopping or dusting. 
Each pack contains a fantastic super-absorbent shammy mop made from 93.5% Polyester & 6.5% Polymide mix. 
The mop boasts a telescopic handle (110-132 cm) to reach the most difficult areas. 
Clean your floor in 3 easy steps: Twist, pop, mop. This is a multi surface mop that is great for ceramics, marble or wood flooring. 
Comes with extra microfibre dust cloth.

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