Starlyf Paint Magnet Anti Gravity System Set RRP £49.99 CLEARANCE XL £10.99

Starlyf Paint Magnet Anti Gravity System Set RRP £49.99 CLEARANCE XL £10.99

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RRP £49.99
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£10.99 each.


Starlyf Paint Magnet is a no-mess paint tray that lets you paint with brushes and rollers without spilling a drop. Special microfibres grab and hold paint where it can’t puddle or pool and so drips and spills are never able to form. Just pour paint into the middle and spread it around the absorbent fibres, then load your brush or roller with fresh wet paint without ever having to worry about spilling it or making a mess. Starlyf Paint Magnet even holds wet paint at any angle, including upside down, and, thanks to the hand strap, you can comfortably hold it in one hand, leaving the other for painting with!


With its ability to hold paint in place, Starlyf Paint Magnet is ideal for combination colours of paint for small areas that need changes of colour in quick succession.


Starlyf Paint Magnet gives you everything you need to start decorating straight away. There are four sizes of quality paint brush for every paint job from doors and window frames to skirting boards, rails and furniture, and a roller that will let you cover large areas on walls evenly and quickly. There’s even a squeegee that means you can remove excess paint once you’re finished and put it back in the tin, saving money and cutting down waste. Also, if you’re planning on returning to the same paint project in the near future, there’s an airtight lid that will keep your paint wet and fresh for days.


Set includes:


1 x Paint Magnet with lid
1 x Roller
1 x 100mm paint brush
1 x 75mm paint brush
1 x 50mm paint brush
1 x 25mm paint brush



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