Fairy Platinum Plus All In One Lemon 40 Capsules 621g RRP £16 CLEARANCE XL £3.99

RRP £16.00
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£3.99 each.

Fairy Platinum Plus All in One dishwasher tablets deliver a clean like new, it gives you Fairy's best cleaning and it even helps lift away the dullness built up over time, to restore the original shine of your dishes. Fairy Platinum Plus has a built-in prewash system, doing the pre-washing for you. With Fairy Platinum Plus, there is no need to pre-wash to help you save water and be more environmentally friendly. Fairy combines liquid and powder in one powerful capsule. Its ultra soluble pouch dissolves fast and works well in short cycles as it starts cleaning quickly to get the job done. And they are so easy to use! No unwrapping needed, just place them in your dishwasher detergent dispenser.

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