MyPet Paws Battery Pet Nail Cutter Kit RRP £9.99 CLEARANCE XL 99p

RRP £9.99
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Are you tired of going to the vet to get your pet's nails cut? Do you spend a huge amount of time taking care of your pet's hygiene? We have the definite solution for you, safe and harmless. My Pet Paws is easy, safe and avoids splintering nails. Many pets, especially those who live in the house, do not wear out their nails. They can therefore get too long and ugly.

This can be uncomfortable for them, dangerous in case there are children at home and harmful for your floors. This pet nail clipper helps you solve all these problems in a fast, easy and simple way without no harm or discomfort for your pet. Just by putting your pet's nail into the nail clipper, My Pet Paws will cut it, leaving the remains in the device, being totally hygienic.

It works with 2 medium C batteries (not included). 

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