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Essex Tipa
14/03/2021 08:58

2nd forum msg - Update on order placed on 4th March please...

Hi there, I don’t know what else to do. I placed an order with you on the 4th March, but I haven’t received it yet. The money was taken from my bank immediately. I’ve written 3 emails and this is my 2nd message on the forum because no-one is responding. The delays message on the home page refers to the snow storm in February, it’s now the 14th March. Can someone please let me know if my order has been dispatched yet?? Thank you
ememem123 16/03/2021 07:42

Hi have you received it yet? I ordered the day after you and nine is still saying paid
Essex Tipa 17/03/2021 09:09

Hi there, no I haven’t received my order yet. I’ll admit, I’ve never had this long a wait before which is what worried me. The delay on the homepage refers to the snowstorm in February, but I sent a FB msg yesterday and eventually received a reply saying:

‘Hi, please be patient. Your items are reserved. The standard delivery service is subject to a delay as per homepage notification. The premium next day delivery service is not affected’

I was just happy to finally get a reply, so feel reassured now.