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18/12/2020 06:05

Also waiting for delivery and no reply to my email...

I know it's Christmas but I found nowhere on the site that there would be delays, so made an order on the 11th. It said 1-5 working days which it has been. I need to know whether this will be delivered before Christmas because if not, it's completely useless to me. Please reply to my email. It shouldn't have to come to begging on a forum! I wouldn't have ordered if your site had stated there were any delays. I really needed this by today to be honest but will forgive if it's here before Xmas... But no updates given at all yet so I'm not hopeful.
Selina 21/12/2020 11:42

Well, no reply to two emails now, and today it says 'ready for dispatch'. Anyone have a clue what this means in terms of time?! If I don't get this in time for Christmas, it's no good to me. I'm really beginning to regret ordering from this company.....
N B 22/12/2020 13:24

Hi Selina if it's ready for despatch you could possibly get it 3 day's later like i did. They are really busy doing order's and trying their best to get them to people before Xmas. I too paid for my order 8/12 and waited for e-mail to say it's ready for despatch but had nothing. The text no isn't used anymore. I g-mailed Paul but got no reply so i rang the 0132 no on 18/12 and spoke to Paul and he was more than helpful. I was signed in as a guest, he changed that and my order was despatched and i received it yesterday 21/12. Good service, packaged really well. ( 2 item's are missing though) 1 red and 1 black drinking bottle's. Ordered 2 of each but only received one. Invoice has a tick saying 2 but nope only sent me one each. I have rang and left a message saying this but had no reply as of yet. Please bear with the company and fingers crossed everyone receives their order's soon. Nickie x