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lee wilson
18/11/2016 13:49

Order no.: 16053

Hi i have sent an email about my order and left 2 messages on the mobile number stated on this contact us link on your website. I placed my 1st order 6 days ago and recieved a couple of days ago but only partially and some of it was crushed/damaged not packed appropriately. I called UKmail couriers when i noticed half of it was missing and they said the other box was too damaged to send it and to get in touch with the retailer so i have with no response. Can you please get in touch i need this resolved asap. I am a single parent and don't have the money to lose. i bought the stuff for my kids and haven't got the money to replace it. Out of respect and good customer services stated in some of the customer reviews i would appreciate your response. The box received was packed terribly and was no wonder items were damaged. I expect whether or not the items are discounted to get them in a usable state! It also states on your website that you do not sell food or drink past its Use by date but i have received some that is! lee wilson.