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04/04/2018 02:23

Out of date food items

Here's hoping staff pick up on this as there does not seem to be a way to contact by email as when you click the email link you go to a general stock advertising page.

You state that you DO NOT sell out of date food items but having just searched I have found several items (on first page listing for food) I am interested in which are substantially out of date with item expiry ranging from 11/2017 to 02/2018.
Can you please confirm the correct expiry dates on the food items as I am reluctant to buy items with substantially expired sell by/use by/best before dates.

D Morris
Administrator 04/04/2018 08:02

Hello Guest / D Morris.

It certainly is refreshing to see new visitors to the site that need a little bit of education. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to post on our forum and thank you for visiting us, how did you find us?

All the answers to your questions can be found on the website but I will summaries for you below:

1 - There is a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page which requires you to sign in and verify your account before contacting us. (This was implemented to prevent anonymous and targeted abuse towards us as well as spam posts) You have not opted to sign in so we cannot verify your account.

2 - There is clearly a "SEND A MESSAGE" link at the bottom right of the page. This is an online chat which is available offline too. This requires signing in as well.

3 - Your statement that we "State that [we] DO NOT sell out of date food items" is false. We clearly state that we do on the homepage:

"CLEARANCE XL is an online retailer of clearance approved food and drink and household items. Shop online now and buy cheap cut price in date, out of date and short coded food and drink"

We also state this on the FAQ page:

"Q: Why are your products so cheap and delivery charge so low?

A: All the products at are surplus and residual stock which includes but not limited to:

Short dated, in and out of date food and drink.
Short dated, in and out of date pet food.
Damaged, rejected or old packaging stock.
Out of season stock.
Over production and overstocks
Cancelled orders"

Our terms and conditions of use (which you much read and accept before purchase) clearly state:

"Out of Date Food and Clearance Products

We specialise in selling out of date, short dated and in date stock, the dates are put on the short and long description of each product "

We do not, however, sell food past its "USE BY" or "SELL BY" date and this is clearly stated during the shopping process in the basket page. The header clearly states:

"We do not sell food past its "Use By Date" or "Sell By Date"

As you have noticed, the “BEST BEFORE” dates are listed in the short and long description for you to make an informed choice before a purchase. The dates of our products range from 2017 to 2020 depending on what you wish to purchase and the prices start from 1p. Any lower and we would be literally giving products away! We ensure all products are fit for purpose and carry out regular taste and quality tests to ensure what we sell is still perfectly good to consume post best before.

The key point here is to understand the difference between what a “use by date” is and a “best before” date. A best before date is an indication of quality and not safety and food past its “best before” date is still fine to consume. More information is available on the Food Standards Agency website:

Hope this helps!