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17/02/2021 16:15

Update on order please.

Hi, Could I have an update on my order please?

The order number is 020239629
Order date 02/02/2021.

I had previously emailed Paul a very polite order update request on 12/02/2021 but have had no response.
Therefore I have now posted on here about an order update.

I appreciate you are very busy but an update would be good as I haven't had any reply to my email.

Kind Regards,

Administrator 19/02/2021 11:42


Please could you advise which delivery option you selected so we can look into this for you. Also please note the delivery delay notification on the homepage

Ann 19/02/2021 13:27


It was the Standard delivery option.

I ordered on the 02/02/2021 which was before the announcement made on 04/04/2021.
Therefore I ordered with no warning of any backlogs etc at that present time and that delivery would have
been made as stated on the site as follows:
Standard Delivery times are between 1-5 working days (This is does not include weekends and bank holidays)

It has now been 17 days or 13 as weekends are not classed as working days.
There has been no communication regarding any order update or indication as to when I will be receiving this order.
I think it's fair to say people like to be kept updated and it's good CS.
I appreciate your are busy but it would put people's mind at rest and probably stop them having to email you.
People get frustrated when their communication is ignored.
It would appear I'm not the only one who is thinking this either.

No doubt my reply won't be met with the way in which it is intended and I fully expect a curt reply as that seems to be the norm with any comment that isn't liked.

I would just appreciate an update and a courteous response please.

Thank you for your time,


Administrator 19/02/2021 13:36

Hi Ann

Thanks for the "feedback" and lengthy reply. I will take the time to read it thoroughly soon, rather than processing your order so the delay has been extended on your order. I am surprised you did not foresee this outcome. You also failed to point out that in some cases delivery for the standard service can take up to 30 days and the 1-5 working day dispatch is an approximation. You agreed to the terms and conditions yet failed to acknowledge or reference them fully.