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Food Labeling Terms: The Best Before Date

Food Labeling Terms: The Best Before Date

Its always worth reminding customers and visitors the concept of "Best Before Dates" and highlighting the distinction between "Best Before", "Use by" and "Sell By" dates. According to The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and NHS Choices - Live Well, " "Best Before" dates are about quality, not safety". You can eat food which is past its best before date. However, food which is past its "Use By" or "Sell by" date carry serious health risks and should not be consumed. Do not use any food or drink past its "Use by" or "Sell By" date.

In the UK, there are an estimated 40000 registered users who regularly shop online for out of date food. And this figure is increasing daily as more and more people become aware of this service. It’s not exclusive to online either. For over 25 years, market traders, shops and cash and carry's have been offering products at knock down prices based on this very concept. It is entirely up to you the customer what, where and when you do your shopping.

An email research poll and feedback review carried out by SWINCO found its food and drink customers were aware of the food labeling terms and have regularly eaten food past its best before date. The research highlighted 90% of the customers sampled have recommended family and friends by explaining the concept and 80% of the recommendations have lead to a first time purchase either online or on a market stall.

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