Carrefour Variety Sterile Neutered Complete Cat Biscuits 400g RRP £1.49 CLEARANCE 39p or 3 for 99p

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£0.39 each or 3 for 99p.

Made in France. Variety flavoured cat biscuits containing: Rabbit, carrot and pea flavoured biscuits for neautred cats.


Cereals (50% in 'bone' cereal croquettes, 42% in 'beige lozenge' cereal croquettes), meat and animal by-products (including rabbit derived from dehydrated rabbit 4% in rabbit croquettes), 
vegetable protein extracts, by-products of vegetable origin, oils and fats, mineral substances, vegetables (including peas 4% in pea croquettes and carrots from carrots dehydrated 4% in carrot croquettes), 
yeasts. Analytical constituents: crude protein 34%, crude fat 8%, crude ash 7%, crude cellulose 3.5%, moisture 10%, calcium 1.4%, phosphorus 0.8%. Additives: colorants, antioxidants.
 Nutritional additives (/ kg): vitamin A: 30000 IU, vitamin D3: 1400 IU, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate): 137 mg, taurine: 1000 mg, iron sulfate monohydrate: 289 mg (iron: 95.1 mg), 
potassium iodide: 1.2 mg (iodine: 0.95 mg), cupric sulfate pentahydrate: 26.3 mg (copper: 6.7 mg), manganous oxide: 9.2 mg (manganese: 7.1 mg), zinc sulfate monohydrate: 260 mg (zinc 95.1 mg), 
sodium selenite: 0.3 mg (selenium 0.14 mg).

Best Before: 09/2018

Best Before: 09/2018

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