CASE PRICE 12x Satono Yuki J-Basket Tofu 300g RRP £18 CLEARANCE XL £2.50

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£2.50 Per Case.

Satono Yuki tofu is as close as you can get to fresh silken tofu in a long life packet. With over 25% soya content, the tofu has nearly double the soya of other tofu brands, to make it more nutritious and gives a richer flavour. The premium Japanese tofu is a great store cupboard ingredient. Serve as small cubes in miso soups, coat in potato flour before frying to make agedashi tofu, or warm in hot water and serve with finely grated ginger, sliced spring onion and soy sauce as a simple starter.

Ingredients: Water, soya beans (soya content 26%), firming agent: E511. Contains soya.

Best Before: 21/1/22.

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