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The Wake-up Tea Blending Set provides numerous tea brewing possibilities. It contains all the flavourful essentials and utensils to brew up your very own sophisticated tea blend. awaken your senses with a range of tasty possibilities. The glass Gaiwan included in the set is a traditional tea brewing vessel that does not influence the flavour of the tea blend. The set contains: 5 Black Teas: Assam tea, 30 g; Ceylon tea, 16 g; Keemun tea, 20 g; Pu'erh tea, 20 g; Lapsang Souchong tea, 15 g. 3 Botanicals: Lemon & bergamot peel, 14.7 g, Rose petals, 1.2 g, Lavender buds, 1.2 g: 1 Glass Gaiwan, 1 Recipe booklet available in 5 languages.

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