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4 disc dvd set. From the makers of Coast, Landscape Mysteries embarks on a series of journeys in which Professor Aubrey Manning tries to solve mysteries hidden in the landscape of the British Isles. Unpicking clues in the geology, natural history and archaeology, Aubrey reveals how the land has come to look the way it does. The landscape around us is part of our life; it affects so much that we do and feel. Amazing forces have acted to shape our landscapes; they began millions of years back and continue to this day. Join me in a search for clues which reveal their influences on our past, present and future - Aubrey Manning. Episodes: Britain before the Ice Secrets of the Flood In Search of Irish Gold Figures in the Chalk Then in History Mysteries a team of experts investigate local myths and legends and do their best to separate fact from fiction. With Nick Barratt checking forensics, and Jonathan Foyle and Miranda Krestovnikoff in the field, the trio of investigators endeavour to solve various enduring historical mysteries by searching for architectural clues, examining maps, exploring local stories and legends - and backing it all up with forensic evidence and hardcore documentary research. Episodes: The Secrets of The Smugglers Tunnels Hidden Highwaymen City Under The Sea The Town of Black Silk The Tower The Queen and The Outlaws Puzzle At The Palace The Post Mistress Who Was A Spy

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