FREE PREMIUM DELIVERY 24x HypaClean Alcohol Hand Gel Pump Dispenser 500ml RRP £93 CLEARANCE XL £10

RRP £93.00
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£10.00 each.

The HypaClean Alcohol Hand Gel is an ideal solution proven to kill 99.99% of most harmful germs instantly, containing 75% (V/V) denatured ethanol with emollient hand gel. The 500ml is great for workplace use, the portability of the product is what makes this a perfect way of keeping clean, safe and protected even when you don’t have immediate access to water or soap. This Hand Gel will reduce the risk of disease and help to prevent sickness; preventing the transfer of harmful viruses and bacteria. Helps you comply with Government Regulations on Covid-19 practices.

Best Before: 5/23.

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