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The set is suitable for normal and sensitive skin where it cleanses and soothes. Micellar water, a serum and face mask lend the skin a beautifully radiant appearance.

Application: Micellar water: Combine 1 tsp (5 ml) of micellar water concentrate and 1/3 cup (90 ml) of tap water, Moisten the cleansing pad, Clean the face gently. Serum: Pierce 1 capsule and apply the oil to clean skin, Allow the serum to be absorbed by the skin, Suitable for daily use. Gentle rose mask: Combine 1.5 tsp of rose leaves with 2 tsp of hot water, Mix 0.5 tsp infusion with 1.5 tsp of white clay and blend well, Apply to the face and rinse after 3 - 10 minutes, Use once a week.

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