JFK Conspiracies 4 DVD Box Set RR9 £7.99 CLEARANCE XL £3.99

JFK Conspiracies 4 DVD Box Set RR9 £7.99 CLEARANCE XL £3.99

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£3.99 JFK's Secret Service Agents Reveal the Inside Story of an American Tragedy is the true story of the assassination of JFK told for the first time from the perspective of the Secret Service agents who failed in their mission to protect the president. A never before seen interview with an FBI informant reveals that a Mafia Kingpin who he shared a cell with confessed to orchestrating the President s murder. Most Americans still are not sure who was responsible. The majority believes Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Polls show up to 70% feel it was part of a broader plot. Two-thirds think there was a government cover-up. There is no shortage of blame to go around and theories to explore. Was it a shadow government of the rich and right wing that ordered Kennedy killed? Did Cuban exiles or even Fidel Castro organize the murder? Or was it a plot by a national or international agency: the CIA, the FBI, and the KGB? Find out who had the most to gain -- and to lose. After 40 years, the assassination of President Kennedy remains unsolved. Government investigations have provided the American public with few answers. Dramatic demonstrations of the events in Dealey Plaza shed new light on the web of conspiracy theories. Using archive footage and reconstructions the JFK conspiracies attempts to get to the bottom of one of the World s Greatest unsolved high profile assassinations.

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