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The creative possibilities are endless with this DIY Neon Light - an ultra-cool neon light that allows you to create infinite customized designs for the perfect personalized lighting effect.

An electroluminescent wire, the DIY Neon Light comes with tapered pins and a backing board so you can create your own unique designs and create the light you've always wanted or regularly change and adapt for an ever changing style!

The 30cm x 42cm (approx. 11.8in x 16.5in) black backing board provides the perfect canvas on which to pin your neon light in any design you fancy so whether you want to write a word or draw a picture or icon, this is the ultimate gift for personalized lighting.

The DIY Neon Light is dual powered by either USB or batteries (USB cable included, 6 x AA batteries not included) and features 3 different lighting modes to choose from.

A great gift for the home, the DIY Neon Light is part of the T3K gift range from Paladone. T3K is a gift range creating designed and delivered fun gift ideas that transform desktop and lifestyle products into functional tools, gadgets and accessories for everyday use.



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