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The world’s fastest manicure that allows you to have a perfect, polished manicure in seconds! It is as easy as putting on perfume! Now you can spray on a perfect manicure and the excess polish simply rinses off with water for a smooth, flawless finish every time. ....

It doesn’t matter if you are left handed or right handed. This is the most exciting new technique to apply polish – no steady hand required so it’s perfect for anyone who suffers from arthritis or joint pain.

Unlike bottled polish that can tip over, drip everywhere and take forever to put on, Eterluxe Spray on Nails gives you a flawless finish in seconds!

You’re going to love saving time and saving money with this revolutionary new product and most of all you’re going to love just how well it works. Just spray it, rinse it, and wear it!


  • Perfect for manicure & pedicure
  • Precision is no longer required: Just spray it on and wash off the excess
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast and Flawless
  • No drips, no smudges


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