Cancellation Policy

An order from can be cancelled by either:


  1. A member of staff during any stage of the order fulfilment process up until 30days of the order being placed.
  2. The customer, that placed, the order up to 14 days after delivery or up to 30 days from the date of ordering. 




In the unlikely event that we cancel your order, you need to know that we may cancel an order at any time within 30 days of the order being confirmed by us.  Order cancellations may occur if any of the following are identified:

  1. Fraudulent activity in your account.
  2. Wrong or insufficient funds paid on your order.
  3. Administrative errors in your order.
  4. Over sized/Over weight orders where insufficient postage and additional postage has been paid.
  5. Undeliverable address.
  6. You are a blocked/restricted user.
  7. You are under the age of 18
  8. Your order is lost or damaged by our delivery courier

In any of these events, you will receive a full refund for your order with within 1-3 working days. 



The vast majority of our orders are multi product, short dated, FMCG and food and drink items that quality further deteriate over time, therefore time is an important factor in the cancellation process.
Customers may cancel their order with within 14 days of the order being delivery or within 30 days from placing the order, to receive a full or partial refund. You may not receive a full refund, this is dependant upon the stage your order is at during the order fulfilment process at the point we are notified of your intent to cancel.

  • Full Refund  - 2 Hour Cooling Off Period

Customer will receive a full refund if and only if they notify us of their intent to cancel their order within 2 HOURS after order confirmation is received by email. This allows us sufficient and reasonable time to prevent the order from entering the first stage of order fulfilment. We will be able to cancel the order and refund payment in full within 30 working days.

  • Partial Refund - After 2 hours from ordering and within 14 days from delivery of order or within 30 days from placing the order.

If a customer wishes to cancel after the 2 hour cooling off period, this is allowed providing it is within 14 days from delivery of the order or within 30 days from the order being placed.  All cancellations must be sent in via email, using the registered email address with a clear intent to cancel.  It will take one working day to identify and locate your parcel during which the order fulfilment process will continue. An admin and packing fee of 10% of the whole order may be applicable.

If your parcel has been booked for collection then you can cancel but there will be a booking cancellation fee which will be taken from the total amount. If your parcel is on its way for delivery to you, you can reject the parcel at your doorstep and allow the parcel to be returned to us at your own risk. There will be a delivery charge for return to us as well as the original delivery charge to send to you. Both will be taken from the total amount.  Alternatively you can arrange to have the parcel returned to us with your allocated courier.  If you are returning an order or item because is it faulty then we will reinburse the delivery costs after an internal investigation. Please contact us for more details. We do not charge a cancellation fee at any point of the process for items returned back to us as damaged or faulty.

The parcel delivery courier will make 3 delivery attempts, they will contact you via SMS and Email with the ETA and tracking details. If no delivery has been made by the third attempt then we will deem this as a cancellation and the following fees will be applicable: original delivery charge, return delivery charge, 15% cancellation fee and any legal and financial charges (i.e. chargeback fees) set by the respective institution.     

If you do not agree with our order cancellation process or have any questions then please email through to us to discuss this or please do not order with us. 

Please note, you will have to accept our terms and conditions at checkout, which include agreeing to the cancellation process.  If you do not agree then please do not use

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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