Q: WOW! Your prices are insanely low, is this a scam?

A: Certainly not! We are an established online retailer of clearance products with thousands of happy UK Customers (and some sad,bitter ones too!!). The price you see is the price you pay for the products on the website, its that simple. We use third party service companies to provide our delivery, payment and website services safely and securely so you can save some serious money on top branded and lesser quality essential products.

See some of our 5 star comments here: POSITIVE FEEDACK

Here is a Youtube video of a customers ClearanceXL Shopping Haul: CUSTOMER VIDEO

If you are still sceptical and unsure then there is nothing much we can do to persuade you...the decision is yours! Before you order, please check out our TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use which you must accept during checkout.


Q: Why are your products so cheap and delivery charge so low?

A: All the products at www.ClearanceXL.co.uk are surplus and residual stock which includes but not limited to:

Short dated, in and out of date food and drink.
Short dated, in and out of date pet food.
Damaged, rejected or old packaging stock.
Out of season stock.
Over production and overstocks
Cancelled orders

With the high volume of parcels we send out, we are able to provide a competitive delivery rate throughout the UK and Europe using strong recyled and reused packaging that help maintain the low delivery charges, meaning you save more when shopping with ClearanceXL. Our delivery rates and delivery information can be found HERE.


Q: What is the difference between a "Best Before Date" and a "Use By" or "Sell By Date"

A: The "best before" date is an indication of quality and food or drink past this date is still fine to consume but may be of lesser quality i.e the taste and texture may be slightly different. The "use by date" or "sell by date" is an indiciation of safety and food or drink past this date should not be consumed. We do not sell any food or drink past its "use by" or "sell by date"

More information on food labelleing can be found on the Food Standards Authority (FSA) and Trading Standards website HERE



Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Delivery times depend on the delivery service selected by you and your postage zone:

Standard Delivery times are between 1-5 working days (This is does not include weekends and bank holidays) or 1-30 days depending on the service selected. 

Premium Delivery times are next day if you order before 3pm the day before. There is no guaranteed Saturday delivery so any premium delivery orders placed on Friday will be delivered the next working day.


Q: Do you do wholesale?

A: No. We do not offer wholesale or bulk discounts (other than those already listed on the website). Our prices are the lowest available and are available on a first come first serve basis to everyone.


Q: Are you open to the public?

A: No. We are online only and not open to the public. Anyone member of public that wishes to enter our unit will be rejected and asked to leave and shop online only.


Q: Why is my account deactivated?

A: There may be several reasons why your account has been deactivated. Some accounts may not have actually been activated in the first place, you should have received the activation email when your registered with us.

Some accounts are deactivated automatically over a period of time due to inactivity or non use.

Your account may have been deactivated by us for either a breach of terms and condition of use, a suspected fradulent claim, false and inacurate public statement of fact or for being abusive towards us or a member of staff.

If you need clarification then please email us directly.


Q: How do I sell my stock to you?

A: If you have stock that you think would be of interest to ClearanceXL.co.uk then please contact the owner Paul at paul@swinco.co.uk with details and any other relevant information. We are interested in any clearance stock you have, whether it be food and drink that is either in, on or part its best before, toys, clothing, shoes, toiletries ...etc


If you have any further questions, then please contact us HERE

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